Metal Tile-Leaving Clay Tiles In The Dust

What Is Metal Tile Roofing?

Metal Tile Roofing is a metal shingle panel that looks exactly like Clay Tile.  Each Metal Tile panel is pressed into a tile shape that interlocks with the surrounding panels. Then the panels are painted or stone coated in your choice of colors. 

Stone Coated Tile

Durability of Steel and Stone


Painted Tile

Tough Kynar 500 Finish

Steel Tiles have the look of clay tile and are immune to breaking and chipping. 

Since each panel is made of steel they are recyclable and a better choice for the environment.

These Stone Coated Tiles offer the benefit of concealed fasteners.  The Painted Tiles are in full length sheets resulting in fewer joints but will need exposed screws. 

Get the Classic Look of Tile Without the Excessive Weight or Breakage Issues.
Be Smart Go Metal Tile!

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