Metal Shingles-

Makes Asphalt Look Old School

What are Metal Shingles?

Metal Shingles consist of embossed panels painted or coated in colored aggregate. Each panel fastens with screws and overlaps or interlocks with the adjoining panels. Most styles use fully  concealed fasteners creating a roofing system that is virtually failure proof. Metal Shingles are available in profiles to mimic the look of wood shakes, clay tiles, slate, or even asphalt shingles to compliment any home.  They combine the durability of metal and stone to give you a true lifetime roofing solution.

Metal Shingle

Never curls, maintains it’s shape and color.


Asphalt Shingles

Deteriorates and curls with age.

The Metal Shingle is superior to the old common asphalt shingle in every way.  It’s fire rating is unparalleled, due to its steel construction. Industry leading hail resistance is built right in with a tough steel core offering the highest hail resistance rating available on any roof product.  The extreme heat of summer or icy cold of winter cannot soften, dry out, or crack them.  Combining the strength of steel with the holding power of concealed screws means your roof will withstand any wind your home can face.  With a real 50 Year Warranty you know your covered worry free for life. Since each shake is made completely of metal your entire roof and any material waste is fully recyclable thus by choosing Metal Shingles you are helping to protect the environment. 

Be Safe Go Metal Shingles! Be Smart Make Your Next Roof Your Last Roof!

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