Slate-Classic Look , No Maintenance

What is It

We carry two distinct styles of Slate, Arrowline Enhanced Slate and Inspire Roofing Products Slate. Arrowline Metal Slate is a Embossed Galvanized metal panel pressed into the shape and texture of traditional slate. Inspire Roofing Products Slate is a light weight durable synthetic slate which is highly realistic. Both of these systems are a concealed fastener roofing system which dramatically reduces the risk of leaks in the future. 

Edco Arrowline Slate

Metal Slate Panel


Inspire Slate

Synthetic Individual Slate Tiles

These Panels Have A Full Lifetime / 50 Year Warranty

These Panels Are Made Of Double Embossed Galvanized Steel

These Panels Have A Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Inspire Slate is a light weight durable composite.

Metal Embossed Slate

Composite Slate

Real Slate is heavy, dirty (it sheds flakes as it deteriorates) and breaks easily from hail and branches! Metal and Composite Slate doesn't have these problems.
Look Sharp Go Synthetic Slate!

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