The Modern Solution To Cedar Shakes

What is A Metal Shake?

Metal Shakes such as the popular Arrowline Shake from Edco are a metal shingle embossed and painted to look like a traditional cedar roofing shake. Each panel individually screws to your home with clips and interlocks with adjoining panels on all four sides. All fasteners are fully concealed leaving your home with a leak free steel shield overhead. Arrowline Shakes combine the beauty of wood with the durability of metal coated with the best and most advanced coatings.

Arrowline Shake

Looks Beautiful, Low Maintenance


Cedar Shake

Rots and grows Moss

The Arrowline Shake is far superior to the wood shake in both looks and durability. It’s fire rating is unparalleled due to its steel construction. With a Full Lifetime/50 Year Warranty you know you are covered worry free for life. Since each shake is made completely of steel your roof and any material waste is recyclable. It’s unique clip and interlocking system earn this shingle the highest wind rating we offer – 140 MPH!

Be Smart Go With Arrowline Shake!

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